Rochelle Heath-Harris

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Ozark Mountains
Phoenix College
Real Estate, Home Decorating, Gardening
  • In her previous role as a digital journalist for CitySignal, a New York City-based online news source with a real estate focus, she pitched and wrote their first series "A Billionaire's Affairs," covering the bio and real estate portfolio of a different billionaire each week.
  • Her work has been mentioned on the well-respected investment news website Seeking Alpha and on Wired, and she has an extensive portfolio on CitySignal.
  • Rochelle is writing her first book to be published, "The Dandelion Patch."


Rochelle has been writing professionally for five years with much of her focus on real estate-related topics. Besides CitySignal, she's also written for RealtyHop, RentHop, Sell Your House Fast - Las Vegas (and 3 other locations), and several others. She also edited a manuscript for a now-published book ("They Can't All Be Winners"). Additionally, she works with her life partner Richie in their gardening business and on their one-acre property and semi-circle earth-berm house. She has a passion for interior design and is endlessly trying out new ideas, and loves doing home improvement projects as well.


Rochelle attended Phoenix College for two years studying Nursing and English, and was an Honor List student with a perfect 4.0 GPA.
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