Rose Okeke

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Abuja, Nigeria
Interior Design, Lifestyle, Home Care
  • Rose spends a lot of her time collecting interior design inspo on Pinterest, an interest that is currently helping her redecorate her new apartment.
  • She wrote a YA Fantasy book about African mythology, Child of the Corn, that is yet to be published. In 2022, Rose won the James Currey Prize for African Literature for her manuscript, at the University of Oxford.
  • A plant mom, Rose is intrigued by nature and plant life which she exhibits by caring for and doting on her succulents.


After graduating with a bachelor's degree in science in 2017, Rose started writing for The Nation newspaper as a freelance journalist, covering topics such as education, healthcare, entertainment, and human rights. In 2019, she became a resident writer for The Consent Workshop, a human rights NGO. She soon found an outlet for her love for animals and nature by writing for A-Z Animals. Rose is also a lover of film and entertainment. She writes and produces her own short films which have been screened in film festivals around the world. A DIY enthusiast, she is thrilled to be writing for House Blog and, in the process, learning a lot about how to manage things in her home.


Rose graduated in 2017 with a degree in Applied Biochemistry. She completed her Industrial Training at the National Assembly Medical Department.
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