Ryan Hayward

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Conestoga College
DIY Around-the-Home Projects, Vintage Thrifting, Gardening
  • Ryan has spent years obsessing over his backyard garden plot and trying to perfect the art of growing the best beans.
  • An avid thrifter, he enjoys searching for unique items to incorporate around his home. He loves looking for quirky pieces that tell a story and spark fun conversations between family and friends.
  • His DIY pond is the envy of the neighborhood and has since become a meeting place for local amphibians and assorted wildlife alike.


Ryan has written for online publications such as Canada Arts Connect Magazine, Mashed, and The List. He enjoys finding out new tips, tricks, and hacks he can use around the house to make cleaning and minor repairs easier. Knowing fully well how overwhelming home ownership is, Ryan finds satisfaction in sharing these tips through his writing to help other folks save time and effort. When he's not writing or gardening, he is kept busy searching for the right kitschy items at antique markets to decorate his home.


Ryan received his diploma in business with special attention to accounting, marketing, and sales.
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