Sam Arthurs

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Columbus, OH
The Ohio State University
Floriculture, Eco-friendly Gardening, Groundskeeping
  • In 2018, Sam published a report on harmful algal bloom toxins in drinking water treatment plants through a scholarship with NASA and OSGC.
  • Her first public speaking gig was a two-hour class on using perennials in pollinator gardens that she created for a local garden center.
  • Recently, she has been obsessed with DIY floral arrangements and collecting seeds from her container garden.


Sam began her horticulture career in 2018 and has touched on nearly every part of the industry since. During her three years at a local garden center, she spent every day immersed in plant care and basic design. Part of her job was to diagnose plant diseases and pests before pointing customers in the right direction for solutions, so she has insight into the average gardener's plight. After working for a wholesale grower for two years, she took a job as a land steward for fifteen acres of curated gardens at a wedding venue, where she elevated her knowledge of groundskeeping, multi-season garden maintenance, and eco-friendly design. Now, she works for a local flower farm where she has a hand in every part of the process, from starting seeds to planting and harvesting to creating beautiful bouquets and wreaths to sell. Sam sees horticulture through the lens of science and as an emotional connection to the land, and she writes to convey the facts while celebrating the beauty. She believes that there's always more to learn.


Sam has a bachelor's degree in linguistics from The Ohio State University and an associate's of applied science in environmental science from Columbus State Community College. As part of her horticulture career, she has continued her education through courses, books, and online research journals.
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