Silvan Kitma

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Quezon City, Philippines
Adamson University, Philips Lighting University
Architecture And Interior Design, Construction And Home Improvement, Real Estate
  • Silvan has produced hundreds of articles for various clients, including a property investment training company in the UK and an interior styling company in the US.
  • Having studied architecture and being a certified lighting specialist, Silvan spent the first few years of his career as a sales trainer and brand head for a bespoke lighting and furniture business in the Philippines.
  • He is a former marketing manager for a multi-awarded vacation rental brand in Hong Kong and a luxury real estate company based in Singapore.


Silvan writes extensive articles on architecture, interior design, home improvement, and real estate marketing. Together with refined research and writing skills, his works are backed by first-hand experiences on these subjects. After working in the lighting and furniture business, Silvan searched for a fresh start and landed a job as a content writer for a fast-growing property marketing company operating in Asia and Europe. In a span of five years, he was promoted several times — first to content manager, then marketing manager, and eventually to general manager. Nowadays, Silvan enjoys his life as a writer by profession, a musician at heart, a comedian on impulse, a spoiled husband, and a father of six. He believes in producing purposeful content written for people and not algorithms, keeping in mind that what he writes has the power to influence readers in one way or another, no matter how subtle, whether to educate, entertain, or inspire.


Silvan holds an associate certificate from the Philips Lighting University.
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