Sylvia Tomczak

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Torino, Italy
University Of Toronto, University Of Gastronomic Sciences
Italian Food, Natural Wine, Sustainable Gastronomy
  • Sylvia is a Canadian food writer currently based in Northern Italy, sipping natural wine and living la dolce vita.
  • Every time she visits a new country, the first stop on her list is a local market or grocery store to check out new and interesting ingredients.
  • When she's not getting her hands dirty whipping up something delicious, she's either reading her Nonna's old cookbooks or scrolling TikTok for the latest food trends.


After spending much of her childhood watching her Italian grandparents make sauce from scratch, cure their own meats, and make their own wine, these moments inspired Sylvia to further explore her culture, prompting her to eventually write her first book, "Honey & Truffles". Since then, her work has appeared online and in print for publications like RestoBiz and The Preserve Journal. With a love of words and enogastronomy, Sylvia remains passionate about learning new things through a foodie-focused lens and sharing them on her personal blog.


Sylvia earned an Honors BA in Italian Studies and Professional Writing & Communication from the University of Toronto. Following her love of food, she earned her Master in Food Culture, Communication & Marketing from the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy. She's currently completing her wine certification from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust.
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