Sylvie M. Baggett

Photo of Sylvie M. Baggett
Brooklyn, New York
Savannah College Of Art And Design
Lifestyle, Interior Design, Health And Wellness
  • Sylvie has extensive experience writing for both print and online platforms including Savannah magazine, THOM magazine, BUST magazine, and Medscape.
  • She is the Lifestyle Editor at Medscape.
  • Though she's still perfecting the draft of her first novel, Sylvie's creative writing has been featured in publications such as Artemis and District. Her short story "Not a Car Crash but Bad Enough" was nominated for the 2018 A.W.P Intro Journal Project Award.


When she's not singing country songs, Sylvie is — you guessed it — writing. After working as an Associate Editor at Savannah magazine, she went on to write for art and culture publications like BUST magazine, THOM magazine, and Southern Coastal Weddings. Now, in addition to writing for Alb Media, Sylvie works at Medscape as the Lifestyle Editor. For fun, she writes haikus on the back of receipts at restaurants.


Sylvie earned her BFA in writing from the Savannah College of Art and Design as well as double minors in fashion journalism and creative writing.
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