Veronica Schorr

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Phoenix, AZ
University Of Connecticut
Interior Design, Home Gardening & Cooking, Travel
  • Before writing for House Blog, Veronica was assistant editor of a prominent New England interior design magazine where she covered art and antiques, interior design, architecture, home building and renovation, landscape design, and more.
  • Veronica watched (maybe obsessively) a lot of Food Network and HGTV growing up...and now she can't stop raising house plant children, being an America's Test Kitchen recipe tester, and trying to sustainably grow organic herbs in the desert heat.
  • An avid traveler, Veronica has visited over 15 countries and lived in Florence, Italy, where she painted buon fresco, studied classic Italian villa and garden design, and ate gelato every day.


Veronica is a writer and editor for businesses in the technology, marketing, news/media, and education industries. An award-winning poet and author of the poetry chapbook, Conscious Blue, her writing has been published in numerous literary magazines and she currently serves as Assistant Poetry Editor at EcoTheo Review. In the past, Veronica has worked in real estate, finance, venture capital, and publishing.


Veronica has a B.A. in Psychology and English with a Concentration in Creative Writing from the University of Connecticut.
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