Close-up of roach on white tiles
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10 Common Mistakes That Are Attracting Roaches To Your Home
Cluttered areas like piles of cardboard boxes or old books give roaches a comfortable hiding place, so declutter your home regularly to deprive roaches of potential shelter.
Your laundry room provides a warm, humid environment that roaches gravitate toward, especially if it has piles of dirty laundry containing food residue where they can hide.
Where your backsplash meets the counter or is concealed behind appliances is an unexpected area that can become a roach haven, so make sure to clean this spot thoroughly.
Roaches are attracted to moisture, so if you notice them appearing often in areas where you have accessible pipes, call out a plumber to check them as you might have a leak.
Coffee Maker
Roaches like the moisture, warmth, and darkness of a coffee machine, so dump out the water after each use, wipe your counters often, and seal any cracks in the kitchen.