Roll of aluminum foil on table
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10 Genius Aluminum Foil Storage Ideas To Free Up Kitchen Space
Place some peel and stick hooks horizontally on an accessible wall, poke holes in both ends of your aluminum foil box, and hang the box on the hooks through these holes.
Make a box with a slot that’s smaller than the foil box’s width, and feed the foil through the slot so you can tear sheets off. Keep the box’s top open to replace the foil roll.
Attach a tall, thin basket behind a cabinet or pantry door with Command strips. Make or buy a basket that’s flat enough so it won’t interfere with the door closing.
For a rental-friendly foil storage option, get an over-the-door hook and a Home Collection Wire Shower Caddy from Dollar Tree, and cut out the wire floor of the second shelf.
Cut a vinyl fence post down to create shelves, join them together with binder clips, then slide them into a narrow cabinet or vertical space to store your foil boxes.