Outside residential air conditioning unit by a red brick building.
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100 Day Dream Home Explains The One System Upgrade Every Home Needs
In a conversation with Realtor, home design and construction experts Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt of “100 Day Dream Home” spoke of the importance of the HVAC system in
a home.
Mika said, “If I'm going to a home inspection [...] I'm looking at the systems first [...] if [they] aren't really functioning right, you could have a huge problem.”
Many cities have been hit by unprecedented weather events, like torrential rain, region-covering freezes, and scorching temperatures, so it’s crucial to have a proper HVAC system.
Brian added that a poor HVAC system in a gorgeous home is “almost like going to look at a car and the car looks beautiful; but when you turn the key, the engine's not working.”
When HVAC systems run inefficiently and make little difference while consuming loads of energy, home owners must hire a professional to give the system a tune-up, despite the cost.
Mika advises, “You've got to treat your house just like you would a well-oiled machine. I think maintaining those really critical systems like your HVAC, for example, is key.”
Cleaning the vents and replacing the filters frequently helps the HVAC system run efficiently without requiring much energy, which significantly lowers costs on utility bills.
While HVAC maintenance visits can seem expensive, they prevent home owners from having a total system failure, which would require a full replacement of the unit.