HGTV's Hilary Farr pictured at TV awards event
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11 Design Features You'll Never Catch HGTV’s Hilary Farr Using
Window Trim Curtains
Hilary Farr hates curtains that hang from window trim, as they not only look bad and obscure your view but can also pose a safety risk if they are too heavy.
Bold Hardware
Using fun colors, shapes, or finishes to make your kitchen hardware a standout feature can be distracting, taking attention away from your cabinets or appliances.
Stained Wood Cabinets
Farr steers clear of wood stains, such as white, silver, or mahogany, in the kitchen, claiming that they are off-trend and distract from the rest of the space.
Bright Kitchen Color
Colorful kitchens have been on the rise lately, but Farr cautions against using color as the room’s focal point and suggests adding supportive splashes instead.
Walled-Off Kitchens
Open-concept plans are the future of design, so anyone looking for a new home should pay attention to the kitchen’s layout to avoid renovating a cramped space.