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11 Things You Could Be Cleaning With A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
Erase Marker Stains
Magic Erasers help remove permanent marker stains. The foam's super-fine fibers easily reach the textures or grooves that traditional cleaning cloths cannot.
Slightly wet the sponge with water, then work it softly over the stained spot in a circular motion. Once the mark lifts, use a clean, damp cloth and wipe any residue off.
Clean Couch
With a Magic Eraser, you can scrub deep into a microfiber couch's fabric texture to reach stains that regular cloths or brushes miss, making it look cleaner.
Dampen the eraser and work with gentle, light strokes over grimy spots. Once the dirt lifts, wipe the sofa with a clean, damp cloth to remove the melamine residue, then let it dry.
Remove Coffee Stains
The Magic Eraser removes coffee stains from mugs with its micro-abrasion qualities, stripping out the coffee deposits with just water and physical pressure.
Dampen a Magic Eraser and gently scrub at the stains in a circular motion until they fade. Rinse the mug to remove lingering residues and dry it with a dish towel.
Brighten Shoes
Keep your white shoes looking new by regularly spot-cleaning them with a Magic Eraser. Its abrasive texture will scrub dirt deposits and scuffs that age footwear.
Saturate an eraser with water, wring it out, then gently scrub the dirty areas, applying moderate pressure if the shoes are extra dirty. Wipe with a damp cloth and let it dry.
Lift Clothing Stains
Magic Eraser can help banish wine, grass, and ink stains from clothes, as it physically breaks down the stain's compounds so you can pull them from the fibers.
Get the eraser slightly damp and gently blot at the stain so as not to damage the fabric. When you finish treating it, rinse it to remove any residue and wash the garment as usual.