Man nailing together wood bench
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12 Ways You Can Put Leftover Wood Scraps In Your Garage To Good Use
To save garage floor space, attach small squares of wood to a backboard to act as hooks. Stain the wood, mount it on the garage wall, and hang your garden tools on the hooks.
TikToker @steelehomedesign shared how to use scrap wood to make a mobile storage container with handles and wheels to store your leftover lumber. You can paint or stain it.
Wall Box
Make a wall-mounted storage box to keep items off the floor using four 2-by-4 boards and flat plywood for the sides. Screw it to your garage wall, then sand and stain it.
Scooter Stand
Using leftover plywood and 2-by-4s, TikToker @galpractical made a scooter stand with a gap that holds the front wheel in place and keeps the scooter from rolling back.
TikToker @varrialemarie added an extension to her workbench that folds down. She attached a large, flat piece of wood to the bench with hinges, adding legs to hold it up.