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13 Striking Varieties Of Coleus To Bring Color To Your Yard Or Garden
'Vulcan' coleus has velvety, serrated, dark magenta leaves with thin chartreuse borders. Known for its columnar growth pattern, it reaches 14 to 28 inches tall and wide.
The vivid color and texture of the 'Vulcan' coleus plant makes it perfect for you to use in vertical spaces as a filler in a container garden or as a border along garden beds.
'Golden Dreams'
In bright sunshine, the yellow chartreuse color of this coleus’ leaves dominates, while the dark maroon veins become more prominent in shady conditions.
Growing over 3 feet tall, the Colorblaze 'Golden Dreams' creates a natural focal point because of its height and color, turning its corner of your garden into an exotic jungle.
Growing 14 to 28 inches, this coleus’ red-orange leaves with magenta veining and undersides go well with red and orange flowers in a monochrome or maximalist garden.
Plant the 'Inferno' coleus between red, pink, orange, and yellow celosia, coral-colored impatiens, red or orange begonias, bright-orange lantana, or tangerine-orange echinacea.
'Moondust' coleus features red leaves speckled with yellow dots, and it thrives in hanging baskets, containers, or lush and natural border arrangements with other plants.
Its mounding growth habit makes it ideal for adding structure and dimension to a space. It prefers partly sunny environments, reaching 3 feet tall and spreading almost 2 feet wide.
'Black Dragon'
This coleus’ deep burgundy to black velvety ruffled-edged leaves and blood-red centers complement any floral garden companion, including begonias or echinacea.
Unusually textured and easy to grow, the 'Black Dragon' prefers part or full shade and has a small, compact growth pattern, only reaching up to 14 inches high and 12 inches wide.