Cereal boxes on shelf
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17 Unexpected Ways To Repurpose Empty Cereal Boxes At Home
Book Holders
Simply measure and cut the top of the box diagonally until it is your desired shape, then decorate it with wrapping paper to create a custom book or magazine holder.
Personalized Tags
Cut your cereal box into various shapes, then decorate them with scrap paper, glitter, and more. Finish by punching a hole at the top to attach them to your gifts.
First, cut your desired length and width from the box before covering the cardboard with old book pages, scrap paper, or other fun decor to create a custom bookmark.
Drawer Dividers
Trace the height of the drawer on the box before cutting it down to size. Then, cover your makeshift dividers with craft paper, and insert them into the drawer.
Remove the box’s sides and flaps, fold the remaining rectangle in half, and sew A4 paper in the middle (or use spiral binding for large projects) to create a notebook.