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26 Little-Known Plants You Should Really Be Planting In Your Garden
Watermelon Deluxe
Although this double-scoop coneflower hybrid is smaller than its cousins, it features greater flowering and branching that lasts from spring to the end of summer.
Autumn Moonstruck
This uniquely stable, gold-variegated azalea blooms 2½-inch-wide white flowers from spring to fall, making them perfect for planting along borders or in pots.
Petchoa EnViva Pink
From spring to fall, this petunia and calibrachoa hybrid features bright pink flowers up to 16 inches tall that are heat-tolerant and resistant to budworms.
Big EEZE Pink Batik
Dummen Orange, a breeding company, created these geraniums to mimic the art of batik (intricate fabric designs). They feature striking pink mosaic patterns.
Dark Knight Scabiosa
Featuring densely-frilled, burgundy-black pincushion blooms on a 3-foot frame, the Dark Knight is perfect for drawing various butterflies to pollinator gardens.