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3 Things That Shouldn't Be Stored On Kitchen Counters
And Why
While it’s common for kitchens to become cluttered and disorganized, it’s time to stop storing your personal items, excessive decor, and rarely used appliances on your counters.
Personal belongings that get used daily, like phones, wallets, and keys, not only take up space but also are likely to become lost behind appliances or around the sink.
Keys in particular aren’t the most sanitary objects either. Germs are constantly being passed from user to user, so it’s best to store them in their own designated area.
Too much decor on your counters can prohibit your kitchen’s functionality. These pieces can also accumulate unwanted residue from foods such as grease and sauce.
To keep the personal touch your decor brings while also freeing up the space you need, consider placing pieces in areas that aren't typically used, such as the top of cabinets.
Lastly, it’s best to stop storing blenders and other appliances on your counters. Most of these get left on the kitchen counters for long periods of time without much usage.
Instead of having blenders out on display, consider placing them in cabinets or on the top of shelves. You can then take them out and use them as necessary.