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5 Front Door Colors That'll Help Your White House Stand Out
Poinsettia Red
Poinsettia from Sherwin-Williams offers a modern twist on the traditional red tint. It is warm with subtle pink undertones — making the color appear fresher.
Sherwin-Williams' Black Magic is a dark black with slight hints of warm brown. The imperceptible warmth keeps it from looking too harsh while appearing modern and sleek.
A black door could increase your property's value, but if you live in a warm climate, it might not be practical, as black absorbs heat, causing the paint and wood to crack faster.
Haint Blue
This greenish-blue shade is commonly used to paint porch ceilings in the South and never goes out of style. Some believed that the pale blue color could ward off insects.
Mustard Yellow
While bright yellow can look garish against white, mustard adds a natural touch that grounds the color. This color can also create a mid-century modern look.
Jamie Davis of Portola Paints recommends the shade Joshua Tree by Portola Paints (via Martha Stewart). This mustard yellow is both earthy and sunny without looking too loud.
Magnolia Green
If light green feels like you're playing it too safe, Magnolia green is the perfect alternative. It's eye-catching without looking too bright.
Mixed by Joanna Gaines of "Fixer Upper," Magnolia Green (sold on the Magnolia website) is a bold, crisp color that will add a cool touch to traditional or modern white homes.