Empty toilet paper tubes
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5 Genius Toilet Paper Tube Hacks To Use Around Your Home
Cord Holder
Use a cardboard toilet paper tube as an electrical cord holder by simply putting the cable through the material and taping it to the wall.
Additionally, you can use decorative tape to create fun designs or paint the holder to match your office or room. Decorate the holders in different colors to avoid any mix-ups.
Seed Starters
When you need to cultivate your garden and start plants from seeds, use toilet paper cardboard tubes. You can even decorate the tubes to distinguish each plant.
Once the seedlings get large enough, you don't even need to transfer them out of the tubes. You can move them straight into the ground, as cardboard is 100% biodegradable.
Bird Feeder
If you want to spruce up your garden, use a toilet paper tube as a bird feeder to lure birds to your yard. The tube is a great option since it’s biodegradable and safe.
Not only is this bird feeder simple to make with regular kitchen staples, like peanut butter, but you can easily slide it over branches or tie twine through it to hang it.