A person using plunger on a clogged toilet
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5 Reasons Your Toilet Won't Stop Clogging
If the toilet is clogged but runs continuously, the cause may be a flapper that is worn out, damaged, or not fitting correctly, affecting the water flow when you flush.
Not enough water will result in more frequent clogs. To solve this, get a new flapper and install it by clipping it onto a chain attached to the big balloon-looking apparatus.
A plumbing vent regulates air pressure in the piping, which allows your toilet to get a nice, full flush. If it's blocked at the top, the toilet will have weaker flushes.
A blockage may also occur due to toilet traps, as a lack of water and pressure from mechanical or external forces can cause easily flushable items to become blocked in the trap.
External Factors
Toilet clogs can be caused by external factors, like the main sewer line being stopped due to bad plumbing connections, old or damaged piping, or even tree roots.
You can tell you're likely facing a clogged sewer issue if you're plunging the toilet routinely, everything smells and drains slowly, and your yard has become a stinky, boggy mess.