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5 Stunning Colors Of Paint To Go With A Gray Couch
Dark Green
Since green and gray are often found together in nature, the pairing can be pleasing to the human eye. Dark green, in particular, will make your gray couch stand out.
Furthermore, the dark shade instills feelings of security, trust, generosity, and wealth in a space. The deep color contrasts nicely with light gray, creating a grounding feeling.
Blush Pink
While pink might not be your go-to color, it’s a fantastic complement to gray furniture. Using a lighter shade pulls together a room’s neutrals for a calming feel.
It also allows you to add bold pops of color if you want an intense, eclectic vibe, or you can match it with cream, beige, or gray throw pillows to lean into the neutral aesthetic.
This bold choice allows for a variety of accent or decor additions. While it can make a room look smaller, your space will feel expansive when it’s matched with light gray.
Use large rugs and mixed metals to mesh the colors, add wood for a natural vibe, include neutrals like cream or tan to create warmth, or throw in bright colors for visual appeal.