Lightening striking amid severe weather
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5 US Cities That Are Least Likely To Experience Natural Disasters
Charlotte is far enough inland to be less affected by natural disasters. It isn't usually bothered by storms, as it's surrounded by water that regulates the weather.
The presence of water makes flooding likely, but the chances are still significantly low. The weather is usually 34 to 89 degrees F, which keeps natural storms at bay.
Pittsburgh is far enough from the coast, so natural disasters like hurricanes aren't common. Floods are also controlled due to dams and barriers built in 1936.
The city was hit with one earthquake in 2011 that most didn't even feel. Even in regards to weather, nothing major typically happens in this city.
While there are average rain or thunderstorms, Syracuse is less likely to be hit by a major storm and is safe from wildfires, hurricanes, earthquakes, and flooding.
The hottest it typically gets in this area is about 82 degrees F. It normally doesn't go under 16 F, but it has reached as low as -1 F, so you may have to prepare for some snow.