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7 Simple DIYs To Elevate Ordinary Kitchen Cabinets
Harmonize Hardware
While painting her kitchen cabinets, TikToker @_amanduhh__ spray paints all of the hardware gold, even the hinges. The cohesive look truly elevates the project.
Extend Cabinets
Lengthen the cabinets to the ceiling by removing and repositioning crown molding and adding some plywood, which you can have cut to size at a store like Home Depot.
The DIY gives the cabinets a built-in look, making the ceiling appear higher by drawing the eye upward. Additionally, you won't have to worry about dusting the cabinets’ top.
Use Wallpaper
If you can't paint the cabinets, use peel-and-stick wallpaper that is flexible, labeled waterproof or washable, and has grid lines on the back for easy cutting.
Add Lights
Placing lights under kitchen cabinets offers much-needed visibility and adds an element of luxury. For this hack, TikToker @sierra.honeycutt uses Amazon's Ezvalo lights.
These lights are adhesive, rechargeable, and dimmable; they also have motion sensor capabilities. Opt for the warm light version to keep things looking soft and ambient.
Change Hinges
Kitchen cabinets that slam closed can feel cheap. Consider replacing the hinges with their appropriate soft-close counterparts to give them a high-end, quiet touch.
Changing the hinges may call for spending some quality time with a screwdriver, so if you don't want to swap each hinge, you can install soft-close dampers in each cabinet.