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A Design Expert Details The 3 Essential Family Room Furniture Pieces
Per Victoria Holly, Victoria Holly Interiors founder, you need at least three types of seating — a sectional, an accent chair, and an ottoman — for a functional, comfortable space.
It's not just aesthetics. Multiple seating options cater to different body types, preferences, and comfort levels, fostering a sense
of relaxation, personalization,
and belonging.
Whether it's a child curled up on an ottoman, a parent sinking into the depths of a sectional, or a guest perched on an accent chair, everyone can find their ideal space.
While a sofa or a couch offers good seating space for family members, a sectional provides more space, comfort, and versatility with its L-shaped or U-shaped configurations.
Ideal for larger family rooms or open floor plans, a sectional can define and separate the seating area, while offering flexibility with their modular design.
Meanwhile, accent chairs and ottomans offer extra seating options and an opportunity to infuse personality and visual interest into the room, adding depth and style to the space.
Recliners with adjustable backrests and footrests provide comfort and relaxation, while ottomans and poufs work as footrests, too. Some even offer storage compartments.