Rotary power tool shaping wood
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A Dremel Tool Could Come In Handy For These Common Home Projects
You can use a Dremel rotary power tool for cutting, sanding, engraving, cleaning, polishing, grinding, or sharpening stone, glass, metal, and more — and it's conveniently portable.
The Dremel power rotary tool spins a shaft to which you attach a mandrel — this holds various bits that you can use for a wide range of crafting, household, and workshop tasks.
There are drill presses, router tables, and even miniature table saws that work with the Dremel, allowing you to do many DIY tasks that normally require large expensive tools.
For example, to remove a sharp edge on wood, it's much easier to fit a router base and round-over bit on your Dremel than disassemble the wood piece and take it to your workshop.
Dremel’s circle cutter attachment is particularly useful as it’s small, so you can fit it into tight spaces where other power tools can’t reach for cutting, shaping, and sanding.
You can use the cutting wheel to cut curves in tile, adjust a lock on a door that isn’t catching properly, and remove rusted or stripped screws and corroded plumbing connections.