Modern kitchen with black ceiling, wooden furniture and big window with black blinds.
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A Feng Shui Expert Warns Not To Paint Your Ceiling Black. Here's Why
In feng shui, colors strongly impact what flows to and away from you. While black is often associated with money and wealth, experts advise against overusing it.
According to feng shui expert Suzanne Royon, “black…can trigger heightened emotions.” A black ceiling can evoke negative vibes as it represents future troubles hanging above.
Ideally, you should opt for ceiling hues that reflect light and open the space to create a positive environment. You can incorporate black in your home in other ways.
Royon suggests using black in smaller doses, such as adding it to a door, accent wall, or columns that lie in the north or east. However, avoid painting your front door black.
Furniture pieces and accessories like side tables and cushions are other ways to incorporate black. Make sure to balance them out with lighter colors to maintain positive energy.