kitchen cabinets with gap between cabinet top and ceiling
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A Few Reasons Why Some Kitchen Cabinets Don't Reach The Ceiling
While ceiling-height cabinets add storage and don't collect as much dust, some kitchens have cabinets with a space of a foot or two between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling.
According to Wolf Home Products, aesthetics are the main reason for having cabinets with a space above them — some people think that space makes the kitchen feel less crowded.
Neat Ceiling says that having tall cabinets when your ceilings are above 10 feet high could make the space feel overwhelming, and it would be difficult to reach the top cabinets.
Some people simply prefer the polished look of taller cabinets. However, you won't be able to add decorative elements like crown molding later without lowering your cabinets.
Ceilings with a beam or coffered details may not pair cohesively with ceiling-height cabinets, and with a sloped ceiling, cabinets likely won't be able to extend to the ceiling.
Many homeowners choose kitchen cabinets with a space above them because of budget, as ceiling-height cabinets are more expensive to install, according to Signature Kitchens Inc.