An open concept kitchen with white cabinets
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Add Color To Your White Kitchen Cabinets With This Hilary Farr Tip
While white cabinetry looks lovely, it can feel flat when there's no other color in the kitchen. To keep the kitchen feeling lively, follow Hillary Farr’s coloring tip.
In an episode of HGTV's "Love It or List It," the interior design expert installed bold colors via a tile backsplash, adding a crisp, dynamic contrast with the white cabinets.
Like Farr, you can create a colorful backsplash with blue tiles, which cost around $2,000 in the episode. You can also use peel-and-stick tiles for a cheaper alternative.
Peel-and-stick ones are removable, so you can try different designs or colors. Regarding tile style, subway tiles are popular, but you can try shapes like squares or mosaics.
To tie everything together, make the backsplash your kitchen's major theme by placing it in several places, including the spaces behind the sink and the oven range.
Besides the usual blue, red, and green, you can opt for a multicolored style or tile patterns for your backsplash. Terracotta is a classic option, while mosaics are more modern.
If you're working with an open-concept space like Hilary Farr, follow her example and spread the color throughout the room via pillows, lampshades, and even picture frames.