Sofa with wooden stool
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Add Extra Seating To Your Living Space With This DIY Wooden Sofa Table
You can make a custom sofa table wide enough to accommodate several stools, maximizing the storage space and seating in your living room.
You'll need two pieces of 2 x 12-inch lumber for the table's surface and base, several 2 x 2 furring strips for the legs and support, screws, wood glue, and wood stain or paint.
Cut the wood to size, sand each piece, and apply stain or paint. Construct two rectangular frames from the furring strips for the legs, securing them with glue and screws.
Attach these to one of the larger lumber pieces at either end, adding two furring strips in the middle for support. Secure the other large lumber piece on top to complete it.
Be sure to find stools that are the ideal height for your sofa table. It should also be as long as your sofa and about the same height as the top of your couch's backrest.