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Add Luxury To Your Home With These Genius IKEA Curtain Hacks
Pleated Curtains
You can pleat any IKEA curtain — as long as it has a hook belt — by simply using the outside hooks to connect the loops at the top of the curtain 1 inch apart.
You can also count six to eight loops between hooks. The benefit of this hack is that you can easily experiment with different pleat widths to suit your personal taste.
Dip-Dye Curtains
Add a splash of color to neutral IKEA curtains. Fill a large bucket with water, and dip your curtains in, up to the point where you want them to transition color.
Mix fabric dye in another bucket, dip the wet portion of the curtains into it, then remove the curtains. Add a bit more dye and insert just the ends to achieve an ombre effect.
Window Pelmets
Elevate IKEA curtains with window pelmets. Measure the window and buy three 12mm MDF accordingly, then cut and nail the pieces together to create the pelmet's base.
Spray the MDF with upholstery glue and cover it with quilt batting or foam. Respray the glue, then wrap and fold an old IKEA curtain around the pelmet for a chic, upholstered look.
Two Rods
Crowding a thick curtain and a liner onto the same rod looks messy and makes it difficult to pull the curtains close, so try IKEA's double-rod solution instead.
As shown by @myrumabujang on TikTok, IKEA’s Racka/Hugad combo allows you to hang the Birtna curtain and the sheer Rosenrobinia panel on the same window without crowding.
It can be less costly to hem a cheap IKEA curtain, like Moalina, so it fits your window. Fold the curtain in half, add 4 inches to the desired length, and cut the excess.
Then, open the curtains back up, make a 1-inch-thick fold, and hold the hem in place using an iron-on fabric tape. Hang them just under the ceiling to create a luxurious look.