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Add Shoe Storage To Any Closet With This Dollar Tree Organizing Tip
For an easy and inexpensive way to get your shoes off the floor, pick up the "Wall-Mountable Metal Hangers with Hooks" at the dollar store, which will clock in at $1.25.
They come in black, white, or silver, so you can choose the aesthetic that fits your closet. These metal hangers have seven hooks that can hang three pairs of shoes on one hanger.
To install them, put painter's tape on the back, and mark where the screw holes go with a black marker. Remove the tape, and use a level to adhere them to the wall.
You can attach it to the lower wall of your closet or hang it at eye level if you have enough room. Drill into the marker dots in the painter's tape to create your screw holes.
Remove the tape, grab the rack, and drill the screws that come with the packaging into the preexisting holes. The amount of racks you'll need depends on how many shoes you have.