Laundry room with stacked laundry machines
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Add These Features To Your Laundry Room To Improve Resale Value
Speaking with House Blog, Momooze blogger Chenise Hinds, an interior designer and licensed realtor, shared the importance of a thoughtfully designed laundry room.
"In my experience, having a laundry room can increase your home's value by 5% on average. This means a fully functioning room[...]" Hinds says.
As for where to start with the remodeling, Hinds says, "The most essential improvement I'd recommend is adding a sink to a laundry room for handwashing."
Adding extra storage in the form of shelves and cabinets is a more budget-friendly way to upgrade your laundry room before putting your home on the market.
Hinds also suggests simple renovation work such as "Giving the laundry room a fresh coat of paint, adding modern lighting fixtures, and replacing any damaged flooring[...]"