A woodpecker with a whole peanut in mouth.
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Add These Ingredients To Your Suet Blend To Attract Woodpeckers
Since woodpeckers are non-migratory birds and rely on suet to help them thrive during winter months, you can use specific suet blends to attract them to your yard.
A simple and effective recipe for woodpecker suet includes one cup of lard, one cup of peanut butter, two and a half cups of oats, and two and a half cups of cornmeal.
Melt the lard and peanut butter together, then add in the oats and cornmeal. You can also add in some dried mealworms or a handful of peanuts or raisins.
Transfer the mixture to a pan and refrigerate until it hardens before cutting it into squares to fit your feeder. Wrap the leftovers in plastic wrap and store them in the freezer.