Person spreading mulch around a newly planted tree
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All The Benefits Of Planting This Fast-Growing Tree In Your Yard
People have planted neem or margosa trees for centuries to reap innumerable benefits. Perhaps the biggest advantage is their shade-giving property, thanks to their rounded crowns.
Neem oil, a broad-spectrum pesticide, can be extracted from their seeds. It’s known to repel and suffocate caterpillars, beetle larvae, mealy bugs, aphids, whiteflies, and thrips.
After the oil is squeezed out, the residual seedcake serves as a nematicide and fertilizer. Many also use the trees’ durable lumber to make charcoal or furniture.
At over 50 feet tall, these trees support wide-spreading leaves that withstand sun, wind, and drought. The leaves are used as fodder, and the deep roots fight off soil erosion.