Someone placing a dryer sheet in the dryer
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All The Clever Ways You Can Use Dryer Sheets Around The House
Pet Hair Removal
The static-reducing properties in dryer sheets can help collect and trap loose furs. Simply use the sheet to wipe the surface of the fabric you’d like to clean.
Deter Garden Pests
Linalool, a common ingredient in dryer sheets, can ward off mites and beetles. Cut the sheets into squares and lay them on top of your soil to create a barrier.
Clean Electronics
You can solely use dryer sheets to remove dust and debris from your computer, TV, and other gadgets without needing any assistance from liquid cleaning sprays.
Banish Odors
Place a few dryer sheets in odor hotspots like at the bottom of the garbage can to eliminate funky smells. For long-lasting freshness, occasionally swap the sheets.
Soap Residue
You can use damp dryer sheets to effectively tackle soap scum. Once you’re done scrubbing your shower, finish it off with a water rinse to flush the area.