Tick on a person's finger
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An Expert Breaks Down The Best Ways To Get Rid
Of Ticks
Ticks can attach themselves to their hosts unnoticed, and some species transmit bacteria that cause illnesses. To stop them, entomologist Daniel Perry suggests planning well ahead.
In an exclusive interview with House Blog, Perry says, "Preparing for ticks before you enter their environment is the most important thing you can do."
Perry recommends dressing up in a way that makes it difficult for ticks to find bitable areas, which means wearing long pants tucked into socks and sporting long sleeves.
Additionally, Perry suggests applying tick repellents to any exposed skin — for example, Zevo On-Body Mosquito + Tick Repellent can protect against ticks for up to eight hours.
Finally, Perry suggests trimming grass and removing tall bushes in one's yard so it isn't harboring ticks. If your yard is overgrown, Perry recommends seeking professional help.