A hummingbird approaching a feeder
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An Expert Weighs In On The Safest Way To Clean A Hummingbird Feeder
According to Zach Hutchinson, an expert from Flocking Around, it's best to avoid using vinegar to clean a hummingbird feeder due to the risk of residue mixing with the nectar.
Instead, he recommends using dish soap and hot water as the primary cleaning solution. This method is effective in removing potential contaminants and keeping the feeder hygienic.
It works particularly well for those who change their nectar every three to four days. Using a bottle brush can help clean the nooks and crannies that are hard to reach otherwise.
For those with dishwasher-safe feeders, running them through the machine is also an option, provided the washer is sanitized before and after use to avoid contamination.
Hutchinson notes that vinegar can be used in extreme cases, such as severe mold, but it should be diluted, and the feeder must be rinsed several times to prevent harming the birds.