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Are Earth Breeze Laundry Sheets Effective? We Put Them To The Test
We tried out Earth Breeze laundry sheets, touted by eco-conscious, low-waste TikTokers as being an effective, compact, eco-friendly alternative to conventional laundry liquid.
Available at Amazon or Walmart, Earth Breeze Eco Sheets definitely take up much less space and their recyclable packaging biodegrades faster than plastic laundry detergent jugs.
It costs about $0.50 to wash a load of laundry with the 30-pack Earth Breeze sheets, which is more expensive than the $0.15 a load for the 1.43 gallon jug of Gain from Target.
As for effectiveness, we compared Earth Breeze sheets with Gain laundry liquid, testing both on laundry consisting of casual clothes, loungewear, gym clothes, and dirty socks.
We washed a load of laundry with Earth Breeze sheets and another load with Gain laundry liquid using the same wash cycle, then compared them for scent, softness, and cleanliness.
Both wet and dry clothes washed with Gain had a stronger scent than the load washed with Earth Breeze — good for those who dislike strong fragrances, but not for those who do.
Finally, Earth Breeze sheets claim to dissolve easily, yet we found a soap-scum-like residue on the inside of the washer drum. Luckily, the clothes themselves seemed very clean.
Perhaps a hotter cycle would properly dissolve these sheets; otherwise, if you use Earth Breeze laundry sheets, you’ll need to clean your washing machine to avoid soap buildup.