Roof gutter system in a house with gutter guard
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Are Gutter Guards Really Worth The Money?
Gutter guards are meant
to stop debris from falling into your gutters and negate the need to do the labor-intensive task of cleaning them twice a year.
However, they're never a foolproof solution against debris, like leaves, twigs, or mud. Placing the guards makes people complacent, but you'll still have to
clean them regularly.
The Gutter Guys on TikTok showed how these guards are a faulty system by removing the gutter guard in a home's roof to reveal plants growing in the thick layer of shingle dust.
Average gutters in the U.S. are 200 feet long, so the average cost of guard installation is $800-$2,000. Despite the pricey investment, you'll still have to clean it bi-annually.
Moreover, some shields
are tricky to remove and reinstall, and you're left with the need to scrub them. They also promote mold and algae growth and icicle formation during winter.