Wine corks lined up
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Attract Birds To Your Yard With This Easy Wine Cork DIY
Have fun turning your saved wine corks into a cute birdhouse for your feathered friends. You’ll need over 100 corks, but you can buy extra recycled wine corks online from Widgetco.
Design your house however you like, but you’ll need four walls (one with an opening), a base, and a flat or pitched roof to ensure your house protects your birds from
the elements.
Begin with the base or floor of your birdhouse by hot gluing four corks together lengthwise to form a row of corks. Then, make four more rows and glue all five rows together.
For a rectangular house, make two longer walls by gluing nine corks together standing side by side. Make four of these and glue them together in pairs, one row on top of the other.
Make the front wall by gluing together two sets of five corks horizontally. Then, glue some horizontal corks between these two sets of corks, leaving an opening in the middle.
To make the back wall, glue three corks together lengthwise, make three of these, then glue all three rows together. Attach it to the back, ensuring it’s level with the front wall.
For the roof, glue three corks lengthwise and make twelve sets for each side. Cut the outer corners off the front and back walls for the roof to rest on, then glue it in place.
For a square birdhouse, make all four walls the same size. You can also add a perch by cutting a cork in half lengthwise and gluing one piece in front of the opening of the house.