A male red cardinal bird just lands on a backyard bird feeder. Snow falls from the feeder full of seeds.
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Attract More Birds To Your Yard With TikTok's DIY Bird Feeder Bench
TikTok user @saddlebacklsp shared a DIY for a functional and budget-friendly bird feeder bench that you can build using bits of scrapwood or other wood accents and basic supplies.
@saddlebacklsp’s tutorial uses a wooden tray and some small mini palettes from Dollar Tree that already function as a finished framework for the bird feeder.
Next, use jute or cotton twine, and wrap a length repeatedly around the tray’s handles. This will both decorate and hang your finished feeder from a tree or porch.
One of the palettes placed in the interior bottom of the tray will allow an elevated surface, preventing the bird seed from getting moldy, while the second pallet forms the back.
You can also use wood glue to provide more stability to your bird feeder bench before filling the bottom with bird seeds and hanging it for your feathered friends to enjoy.