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Avoid Growing These Plant Pairs Together In The Garden At All Costs
Tomatoes & Sprouts
Both plants are heavy feeders and need a lot of vitamins and nutrients from the soil. They’re also affected by aphids and flea beetles, which can cause issues.
Beans & Onions
While onions usually make a delightful pest-deterrent, when paired with beans they can cause an outbreak of seedcorn maggots, which will seriously harm your harvest.
Cypress & Spirea
This duo’s height differences make them an ill-suited pair. Since spirea shrubs need constant sunlight, their growth suffers under the much larger Leyland cypress.
Cucumbers & Potatoes
Due to their extreme need for nutrients, this pair competes for everything when planted next to each other, including sunlight, space, water,
and pollination.
Potatoes & Spinach
Although spinach grows well with most vegetable plants, the potatoes’ aggressive growth will outcompete it for nutrients and ultimately lead to its downfall.