Forsythia blooming branch
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Avoid These Mistakes When Planting And Growing Blooming Forsythia
Celebrated as one of the easiest beginner plants to grow, forsythias thrive in full sun and well-draining soil. They need ample space, as they can grow up to 12 feet wide.
Consider their short, two-week blooming period when choosing a spot to plant. Plant them in mixed borders or as screens for perennials to maximize visual impact.
Ensure the forsythia cultivar is suitable for your climate zone as well. If necessary, choose varieties adapted to colder temperatures, like Northern Gold or Northern Sun.
Like most early bloomers, they grow buds on old wood that overwinter. If the buds can't survive the temperature drop, they suffer winter kill and will be unlikely to bloom.
Snow cover does provide insulation, protecting buds from extreme cold, but any buds that are above the snow line will not be so fortunate.
Prune forsythias before mid-June every other year to help maintain shape and encourage new growth. Avoid excessive pruning, especially in the fall, which can disrupt flowering.