Bottle of hydrogen peroxide
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Avoid This Common Mistake When Cleaning With Hydrogen Peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide is a safe yet powerful natural cleaning agent and disinfectant, but it doesn’t last forever — once it’s past its shelf-life, it won’t clean effectively anymore.
To test if your hydrogen peroxide is still effective, pour a small amount onto a clean surface, like a sink. If it fizzes, it's still potent; otherwise, you need a new bottle.
The fizzing indicates the presence of oxygen, which is the effective ingredient for cleaning and disinfecting, so if it doesn’t fizz, then it’s no longer able to do its job.
Hydrogen peroxide comes in a dark brown bottle to help block light and preserve its potency, but over time it unavoidably breaks down. Once opened, it decomposes even faster.
Your hydrogen peroxide will last up to three years unopened and up to six months after opening if you store it in its original brown bottle and minimize exposure to air and light.
Expired hydrogen peroxide isn't harmful; it’s simply ineffective as a cleaner or disinfectant, but if it’s past its expiry date or has a foul smell, you should discard it.