Northern cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis) on branch at Jamaica Bay NWR, New York
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Beautiful Colors That Will Attract More Cardinals To Your Yard
According to some experts, cardinals seem to be attracted to plants and objects with red and pink colors, but overall, tend to prefer natural colors that help lend them camouflage.
Birds like to feel safe from predators while feeding, so try getting a feeder in natural colors, such as green or brown, and placing it near natural protection like a tree or shrub.
A brightly-colored feeder could be suitable for a spot where there is brightly colored fruit or foliage, such as in a grape arbor or on a red-leafed Japanese maple tree.
Brightly-colored berries and small fruit, like crabapples, are a big part of the cardinal's diet, so planting trees and shrubs that produce the fruit is great for cardinals.
Serviceberry, mulberry, currant, blueberries, raspberry, and elderberry are a few trees and shrubs that produce red, purple, and blueberries that are very attractive to songbirds.
Cardinals are also said to be attracted to the color yellow, as it is bright and easy to see. Yellow plants may attract them to your feeding areas at darker times of day.