Dollar Tree broom with dusting pan
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Brilliant Ways A Simple Dollar Tree Broom Can Organize Your Home
Hanging Baskets
Wrap a cotton string around a Dollar Tree broom handle and glue it in place. You can also use ribbon, jute, or even decorative paper instead of the cotton string.
Mount it on the wall using curtain holders, broom holders, or mop grippers — though the stick-on options may not work great if you want to store heavier items in your basket.
Outdoor Hanging Rod
Using over-the-door hooks and a Dollar Tree broom handle, you can create a temporary and damage-free outdoor hanging rod that doesn't leave holes in the fence.
Made of plastic, it holds up well to wet outdoor conditions in the short term. You can leave your beach towels, bathing suits, or other damp summer items to dry on this rod.
Light Holders
If the cost of holiday decor and lighting is too high, you can hack Dollar Tree broom handles to create string light poles that cost only $1.25 each.
Insert a broom handle into the ground, like a stake, keeping the hanging loop side out. Cut one side to create a spot to slide the light strand into.
Tree Trunk
Make a faux autumnal tree by wrapping and painting a Dollar Tree broom handle to resemble a tree, then add faux maple branches.
You can use this idea for a range of seasonal DIYs. In winter, decorate the handle with faux pine and holly, and cover the handle in artificial leaves and flowers in the spring.
Arches For Decors
Dollar Tree broom handles make for some pretty sturdy stakes for outdoor decorating. Insert the handles into the ground in lines on opposite sides of a path.
Then, take a flexible PVC pipe and extend it from one post to the other, creating an arch. Decorate it with Christmas lights or place lightweight décor like faux leaf garlands.