A stainless steel fridge set into a bank of cream colored cupboards in a farmhouse-style kitchen.
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Can You Use Conditioner To Keep Your Kitchen Appliances Shiny?
While stainless steel fights off rust and can handle high heat, it's also susceptible to fingerprint marks and unruly smudges — but hair conditioner can help you battle that.
To use this hack, wash your appliances first. The conditioner helps the stainless steel shine, but it's not the best way to wipe through grease buildup or crusty food.
Next, grab your conditioner and a microfiber cloth. Add a pea-sized amount onto the cloth and buff the conditioner onto the appliance using circular motions.
Once it begins to seep into the steel, wipe up and down, going with the direction of the grain. Smudges and smears will start to disappear, leaving a beautiful polish.
While this hack might sound very random, most conditioners contain ingredients like silicones or polymers, which can temporarily improve the shine and smoothness
of a surface.