Shower curtain in old tiled bathroom
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Clean Your Shower Curtain In Record Time With This Unexpected Item
Cleaning the bathroom often feels daunting, and shower curtain liners in particular can get grimy fast. Fortunately, you can use a magic eraser to easily refresh the material.
First, put on plastic gloves before removing the shower curtain from the rod and laying it flat on the floor for easy access. Then, use clean water to dampen your magic eraser.
Firmly scrub the liner while focusing on areas with concentrated grime, such as the bottom hem. Periodically rinse the magic eraser and the curtain to remove the loosened gunk.
Employing this method every month can extend your curtain’s life, but if unpleasant odors, mildew growth,
and tears persistently appear, then it may be time to
buy a new one.