Dryer lint trap screen covered in lint
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Cleaning Hacks For Your Dryer Lint Trap (And 1 You Should Skip!)
Paint Stick
Wrap a microfiber cloth around the top of a paint stick, secure it with electrical tape or a rubber band, insert it into the lint trap, and sweep out the lint.
Bend the top of a microfiber duster so you can push it into the lint trap, then move it from side to side to collect the lint. You may need to clean the duster a few times.
Reach into the trap with chopsticks and grab as much lint as you can. You can only grab one bunch at a time, and the chopsticks won't get smaller bits of lint out.
Swiffer dusters have a coating that attracts and traps dust and debris. Attach the duster head to the handle, swipe it around inside the lint trap, then discard the head.
Gift Wrap
Tape an empty gift wrap roll to the end of a vacuum hose to extend its reach, flatten the end so you can maneuver it into the lint trap, and suction up the lint inside.